in Poems, Prism of Life

Anything having life will always strive to grow
There exist a path in life that only you can follow

Relying on the borrowed concept of right and wrong
Will hardly help you in interpreting the life’s real song

Conforming to the society can’t be your lifelong goal
You being a round peg can’t fit into a square hole

Stop being obsessed with your own angle of view
Start admiring those who think different from you

Can afford to give a damn to what others think of you
As long as you are ready to be the best critic of you

Never blame anybody for all the shit happening in your life
Only you can make the changes you wish to see in your life

Even when you might feel like lost in middle of the road
Don’t ever lose your faith in the miracles of the God

Always have the courage to do what you aspire to do
Never go against your heart & do what you didn’t like to do

Highest wisdom is always in the guise of simplicity
Getting out of your own mind will need all your temerity

What makes you feel responsible for your own life
What’s stopping you from being a hero in the strife


Piyush Kamal

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