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There doesn’t seem to be any specific purpose behind the kind of rumination that you often get engaged in.

Most of your thoughts run on an autopilot mode; and majority of time you are not even aware of them.

when you see a particular object, event or a person for the first time, by default your evolutionary mind is looking for an association; a close or similar looking experience.

Half of the time it is all about finding association and the other half of the time it is about projecting your fear, apprehensions, worries, excessive and obsessive planning on your thoughts.

Noticing things that might look familiar to you and associating it with your old memories is one of the favorite occupation of your so called efficient mind.

Not only that, old memories often bring a lot of emotional baggage along with it.

But we often forget that the emotional intensity of thoughts are never a real indication of its importance.

For most of us the real life is happening only in the background, while we are happy keeping ourselves engaged in the diversity of our own thoughts.

In fact most of your rumination is nothing but an excuse to escape from a whole host of the impending decision making, and conveniently claim yourself to be an innocent victim of widespread epidemic commonly known as Procrastination.

At many level that consistent swing of thoughts inside your head is nothing but the experience that is produced when you are away from present set of realities.

But mind you the story doesn’t end here…in fact your lightning fast ability to judge any situation through the prism of your exceptional ability to make sense of your past ends up massaging more than just your inflated ego and ostensibly set a benchmark for your own self worth.

And the speed at which you succeed in doing so somehow tends to boost your sense of accomplishment as a wise person.

Since most of these ruminations are happening within the realms of your semi conscious mind, it becomes that much more susceptible to your fear and insecurity accumulated over the years.

Hence it never finds itself starving due to lack of accumulated feed.

Now that you are aware about the entire futility behind this continuous indulgence; is it possible to bring change in this default behaviour?

The answer is an affirmation, if you are willing to put some sincere effort in pulling yourself out of this maze:

Simple but effective steps involved are:

– Awareness about your own thoughts but at the same time refraining yourself from labelling it.

– As soon as you stop investing energy into those circuitous and inconsequential thoughts the life energy that is inside you will stop leaking.

– As a consequence your life energy will get more focused on things that are happening right in front of you; that is your present.

– In the process, you will stop identifying yourself with your own thoughts, memory and intellect. Which in turn will shape you ┬áinto a completely different being.

– With more practice and perseverance your perspective and sensibilities will start growing beyond your limited sensory perceptions.

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