in Open Letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you love me the most. I am the centre of your universe. I am and will always remain the number one priority for you.

However off late there are few things that is bugging my mind and I would like to share them with you. I sincerely hope that you take out some time from your busy schedule to go through it.

  There is no denying that you want the best for me. You want to see me excel at every activity that I choose to participate. But for god sake stop treating my performance as the only barometer to measure your parental success. Please learn to separate the two.

   Have you folks seen your faces during my examination. You look like a person who is about to get caught by a ticket collector for travelling without ticket: complete nervous wreck. Believe me your emotionally charged expression rarely helps me in reposing faith in my own abilities.

   Like my body my brain too is undergoing a lot of changes that may not be visible to you. But as a result my overall behaviour might be getting heavily influenced by it, resulting in inconsistencies in many of my actions and choices. So please stop expecting unrealistic consistency in my behaviour.

   I know you are deeply sensitive to my academic performance and off late I am failing consistently in living upto your expectations. But how do you presume that I am not worried about my own performance? I am equally perplexed because methods that were working fine for me till date are no longer giving me the positive results. Believe me I am busy exploring every possible permutations and combinations. Just don’t lose faith in me.

   Please don’t expect me to be a replica of someone; not even my own siblings. The least you can do is respect our respective individual choices. Like everyone else I do have many flaws which I don’t wish to hide from you. Please do have compassion to accept me with all my flaws.

   I know I am not mature enough to understand all the implications of my own actions. So you are most welcome to be my counsellor whenever you think I need the guidance. But please do try to avoid your usual harsh tone while explaining things to me.

   I am growing up fast so there is no harm in treating me like a grown up, who just happens to have his own perspectives. In your eagerness to be my counsellor you need not hard sell your own viewpoints to me.

   I know you people are extremely obsessed with comparing my achievements with others, but please refrain from pressurising me into giving you immediate results. If possible help me in setting realistic goals. And do appreciate my achievements however small it might be.

   I can be lazy at times. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind if you scold me when I deserve it. Please help me in keeping myself motivated specially when results are not going my way.

   Being a strict and disciplinarian parent doesn’t mean that you disconnect my LAN and dish connection six months prior to my exams. Please do show some faith in me. This whole occupation of being a full time student can get extremely tiring at times, so please don’t suffocate me by denying my downtime.

   I may have a girlfriend and we may choose to display our affection for each other on social media, but that doesn’t mean that we two are into some serious relationship. Believe me I know how to respect a girl and our relationship, you can always count on me, after all I am your darling son.

  I don’t know why you folks are so uncomfortable talking to me on any topic remotely related to sex. It gets so embarrassing when you change the channel while there is some intimate scene on the television. Please do bring some rationality in your behaviour, because I believe we both are mature enough to handle a kissing scene.

   When it comes to buying latest mobile phones and other household electronic gadgets, you never doubt my acumen even for once. Then how come you start treating me as an intellectually challenged person when it comes to choosing my own hobbies, courses or college? Don’t you see a dichotomy here? Please make some sincere effort in sorting this out.

Please don’t take this as a long list of grievance from your son. I do really feel blessed to have you as parents, and if possible take some chill pill, because everything is going to be just fine in the end, and if it’s not fine then it’s not the end.

Love you

Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them ! ?

Have an amazing weekend!


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