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Journey To Reach Top 0.1%…The Path to greatness

There are arguably many paths to greatness but basic principles required to reach there remains more or less same. Reaching the top 5% in your chosen field is  a lot like preparing yourself for a Formula one racing. There are principles & techniques, which you can master to get the desired results. But the same Read more about Journey To Reach Top 0.1%…The Path to greatness[…]

How Parenting sharpens 11 skills needed for entrepreneurial ventures…

In your search to replicate the existing best practices, more often than not you end up chasing a lot of success stories. As a consequence your true and unique identity takes some serious beating, which is definitely not good for your long term entrepreneurial growth.

You need to appreciate the inherent limitations of time and relevance when it comes to replicating success stories. Once you are successful in doing this, you become pro at learning completely new set of instructions.

The alacrity with which you dig deeper to reach the core of an issue ends up giving that extra edge to your personality.