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People are usually intense or passionate about what they think is important to them.

If you wish to make transition from an insufficiently meaningful life to more meaningful, you should ideally look for what is valuable and try to enhance it in your life.

Perfectionists believe that if his city is not the most beautiful in the world, it is disgustingly ugly.

Perfectionists tend to judge their own lives more harshly, than they do the lives of others.

When we are cruel to ourselves, we are being cruel to a defenseless creature, as most people do not know how to defend themselves from this self-inflicted abuse.

One does not have to be a great hero, or even to have a grand “story,” in order to find meaning in life.

In most cases, what happens to us is affected by both luck and our actions, and what we do (or fail to do) has a significant effect on our life.

We have a psychological need to alternate from time to time among worthy achievements in order to continue to enjoy each of them.

Our reaction to gains or losses is largely shaped by contours of our expectations.

Our interest in evil and pain is lot to do with our sense of self-preservation; we are psychologically “wired” to take a keen interest in those things that may endanger us personally someday.

We can definitely appreciate those we do not idolize; and can afford to respect those we criticise.

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